Lupine Kisses

Lupine kisses, feathered touches Be my sunset, bathed in russets Hear my cries to braided cords Hear my worship of the lords Of shadows rising, night unending Of pleasure bated, pain withstanding Proof that angels do wear leather Take me ever for your pleasure  Wrench from me the lion’s roar Birth from flesh the open … Continue reading Lupine Kisses

The Goblin Queen

See her there, the Goblin Queen, See how she sits in the hollow of her tree, See how she calls upon magics of green, See how she waggles her fingers in greed, See how she pulls from forces unseen, See her there, the Goblin Queen.

My Red Heart

Have you seen my red heart? Have you felt its great pain? Have you tasted its loss? Have you seen its red mane? Though I love you dearly, I fear you have not, Truly seen what beast beats, Within this chest full of loss.